october 28th, 2020

From 19190, after the end of the dictatorship, a new cinema was born in Chile. Since the 2010s, more and more women filmmakers have been creating movies. We show a selection of their films and a short film program, curated by "Nosotras Audiovisuales", a female filmmakers group in Chile.

A cross section of their views on the realities of the country, on the "Coming of Age", on queer ways of life, on women's rights and indigenous struggles, as well as on the history of the dictatorship. Many Chilean families also have European roots; the search for those roots is the subject of a particular road movie.

e are showing movies of Claudia Huaiquimilla, Dominga Sotomayor, Karin Cuyul, Carolina Quezada, Camila José Donoso and Constanza Figari during the whole month of November in the B-Movie Cinema in Hamburg.

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The program is supported by the Chilean consulate.